Hello friends, you all knows that about 95% of paid to click sites are scam. So it is very risky to invest money on these site. But We can recognized scam site just by checking some properties of these site. Most of the scam ptc have some common sign. Here we will discuss about the common nature of scam ptc site.

* Most of the scam ptc site pays higher amount for view advertisement. If a new ptc site's ads value is $0.005 or more, it would be scam very soon.

* They will arrange various contest but real people will never won the prize, suddenly new candidate will comes on the top of the list, these all are fake user created by the site admin.

* Giving too much deposit bonus is a strong sign of scam ptc. A standard ptc site can give up to 20% deposit bonus to grow up their site. But a scam site will offer you 30-80% deposit bonus so that lots of people invest on their site and they can ran away with huge amount of money.

* Set up the higher minimum payout is a sign of scam. Don't work on those new ptc where minimum payout is $3 or more.

* Most of the scam ptc sites wants deposit for 1st withdraw. Don't deposit on new ptc without a deep investigation.

* A good ptc always process a payment request within 48 hours. If a new site wants 5-7 days to process the payment request then leave the site right now, it is a major sign of scammer.

* Don't work on a ptc sites where ponzi scheme is available, That mean adpacks/ revenue share system is available.

* A scam paid to click site gives you too much direct referral commission, they do it to grow up quickly. So that they can stile money from a huge number of people.

* These all are my personal experience about ptc sites, some old ptc sites have these properties but they are trusted because they are paying for a long time. By the way I just alert you with my own experience, you can work any sites on your own risk.