92bux, Globalearnfast and adzones need to deposit for payment
The admin of 92bux, Globalearnfast and Adzones takes a new step to prevent cheaters. They made a rule to deposit $5 dollar for standard members in order to get payment from them. If you already deposit $2 then you have to deposit only $3. This is not a good news for beginners. Click here for more details

Studentbux got legit status on foxyrating
Studentbux got legit status on foxyrating again. Last time it had lost it's legit status because it was not passed 1 year on foxyrating. It's ranked was 2nd before but now it is on 3rd position Click here to see it's status

Need to upgrade membership on payeebux for payment
Payeebux admin started a new rule that they will only process the withdrawal request of upgraded members. Their minimum upgrade price is $15. They also says that they will give back the invested money after 6 month.